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For licensed Cosmetologists, Beauty Professionals and Cosmetology students:

 “How Much Do You Charge?”

Pricing & Business Building Seminar


January 20th, 2019 - Columbus, Ohio

3pm - 6pm

This question is asked and pondered in virtually every class I’ve ever taught and it’s the number one question all stylists receive on a daily basis!

But what if I told you it’s a question most of us have answered wrong our entire career?

Do you price according to what other salons and stylists are charging, or do you charge what you’re worth?

Do you have an accurate estimate of how much you’re really worth behind the chair and what your services should really be priced?

How can you charge without a road map to follow….?

My goal with this class is to keep our service and beauty industry at the top of its game in this ever changing era of doing business!

In this top-selling class, you’ll learn valuable life-changing ways to run your business behind the chair and salon successfully, prosperously and accurately based on the biggest key elements: your numbers!

  • Learn what you’re really worth behind the chair.

  • Accurately charge what you’re worth and with confidence.

  • Start the road to success with retail sales and luxury services.

  • Get an accurate read on inventory and how that factors into the overall pricing and conduction of business.

  • Master The Power of an Effective Consultation when relaying information about your services and business to new and existing clients.

  • Get total control of your business and how you do business.

  • Reclaim your life with better time management, scheduling and working days behind the chair.

  • Grow. Succeed. Prosper. Live your best business life!

To register this class as a one-on-one or group setting at your location within the United States, for special rates and booking please contact us: info@nicolerevish.com