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The ultimate care system to repair damage, breakage and split ends.

PENETRAITT Shampoo: Cleanse and strengthen damaged hair with Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo. PENETRAITT has an active rescue system that deeply penetrates the hair, helping to remove impurities and reduce breakage. Strengthens weak hair against damage due to chemical treatments, heat and environmental elements. It leaves stressed hair clean, soft and bouncy and is recommended for enhancing the radiance and richness of color-treated hair. 

PENETRAITT Conditioner: Protect stressed, vulnerable hair against damage with Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Conditioner. Guards against stress caused by chemicals and heat damage for a super strong, silky-soft style. This system provides effortless detangling and deep conditioning, transforming hair from dry and dull to soft and shiny. Recommended for chemically treated hair of all types. Color-safe.

NO.BREAKAGE: A leave-in bonding spray developed for those who love to experiment with their hair but have experienced damage to hair structure through the use of hot tools and chemicals. 87% naturally derived ingredients such as Apple Acid & styling polymers penetrate deep into the hair cuticle, creating new hair bonds and repairing even severe damage caused by hot tools and chemical services. Get up to 99% less hair breakage* with our leave-in bonding and styling spray. *vs low conditioning shampoo.